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Timbo Talks...

Hello, I'm Timbo... a writer, photographer and podcaster from Sydney, Australia. This is my podcast where I talk about anything to do with work and play – nature, travel, politics, philosophy, social media, technology and psychology.

Sep 3, 2020

This is a fun discussion. I relive the better parts of my childhood with my friend and colleague, Phid McAwesome. We go deep on the alluring power of nostalgia and classic video games. Also, Phid makes a shock confession about the 90s sitcom, 'Friends.'


— High Score, the Netflix docuseries on the history of classic video games:

— Mark Schaefer's article on nostalgia marketing:

— The character from Street Fighter II that I refer to as that "green monster" is called Blanka. Apologies to fight game fans and sensitive monsters everywhere:

— Phid McAwesome on Twitter:

— Phid McAwesome on Twitch:

— The weekly show Phid co-hosts:

—, Phid's day (and night-time) gig:

— Phid's food adventure Instagram account he runs with Charis, his partner: