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Timbo Talks...

Hello, I'm Timbo... a writer, photographer and podcaster from Sydney, Australia. This is my podcast where I talk about anything to do with work and play – nature, travel, politics, philosophy, social media, technology and psychology.

Nov 23, 2019

Tim and Anita Horan

I’m back with a fresh podcast! This year is almost over, so I wanted to talk with Anita about how 2019 felt and if 2020 will be better.

Well… we ended up in a completely different place. Anita quickly brushed aside the year in review, and she interviewed me about my day job in social media.

Discover why I think there is a better term than ‘ghost-writer’ (essentially my job). Plus, if you’re a high-flying executive, I give away some ‘magic dust’ to lift your executive social media game.

Show Notes